iTracking brings commercial fleet management and vehicle tracking systems to Bristol, The West Country and South Wales, with TomTom Telematics. We also supply Smart Witness Vehicle CCTV and Safety Systems.

Get more from your fleet tracking solution

iTracking are a Bristol based fleet management and vehicle tracking specialist. We provide the right fleet tracking systems and in-vehicle camera products, such as Smart Witness, to help you increase profits, productivity, legal compliance and customer satisfaction. You can even keep track of your carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it!

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What are Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Fleet management and vehicle tracking systems are also known as telematics devices and collect information on a vehicle’s location and speed using global positioning systems (GPS) and relay it back to a central point in real time.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking Systems

Commercial level telematics devices like the TomTom Link 410 and Link 510 are wired directly into the vehicle’s on-board computer, allowing them to also collect data on driver behaviour and vehicle performance. Combined with a TomTom Link 105 this data can be collected and transmitted in real-time. This can include throttle position, speed, fuel monitoring, carbon footprint reporting and reporting of engine and vehicle diagnostics to help identify problems as soon as they occur and take appropriate action.

What are the benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems?

As Bristol based experts in vehicle tracking systems, we have seen first-hand the numerous benefits that fleet tracking systems can bring to businesses operating a commercial fleet of vehicles. The potential of collecting so much useful data on your drivers and vehicles goes far beyond legal compliance.

Mechanical Diagnostics

The real-time insights from TomTom Telematics devices can help you identify vehicle problems before they result in roadside breakdowns, reroute vehicles to avoid traffic congestion and better manage your driver’s time.

Driver Behavior

Commercial vehicle tracking systems can also help your business identify and deal with bad driving habits like over-revving, over braking and speeding before they become a problem, helping you protect your business’s reputation, avoid expensive insurance or legal claims and drive down insurance costs. By stamping out bad habits and improving routeing they can also lead to huge improvements in fuel efficiency.

Who uses Vehicle Tracking System and Why?

We work with a huge range of different sized companies, from those with three or four vehicles to enterprise sized fleets. If you run a fleet of vehicles over a certain weight then you have a legal requirement to produce tachograph data to show how long your drivers have been on the road. Software solutions like TomTom’s WEBFLEET® Tachograph Manager allow you to schedule automatic downloads of this data for your fleet, saving you hours in administration and chasing up individual drivers.

Fleet Management and Tracking Systems

However large your fleet of vehicles, sophisticated commercial fleet management systems like TomTom WEBFLEET® and WEBFLEET® Mobile can work on any scale, collecting and crunching data from hundreds of vehicles across the country and streaming live information to your PC, smartphone or tablet. They can manage and simplify driver administration and even update you to changes in legislation and compliance regulations.