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WEBFLEET® from TomTom is one of the leading fleet management solutions from the world’s most renowned GPS navigation and telematics equipment manufacturers. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, WEBFLEET allows you to get an instant and detailed overview of your fleet operations from any web browser. Mobile apps, WEBFLEET Mobile, are also available, meaning you can manage your fleet across multiple devices wherever your business takes you in the world.


Flexible and Scalable Fleet Management

Because TomTom WEBFLEET is web based, it’s updated to the latest version automatically, meaning you get all the benefits of improved functionality and new features as soon as they’re available.

TomTom’s WEBFLEET comes packed with a load of amazing and easy to use features, including:

  • Dashboard: Get at-a-glance information on up to 18 KPIs across individuals, teams or the entire fleet.
  • Real-Time Maps: Real-time street level maps and traffic info, allowing you to see the location of every vehicle in your fleet.
  • Reporting Service: From fuel consumption to working time, WEBFLEET offers a suite of detailed and insightful reports.
  • WEBFLEET Mobile: Access your fleet management information on any iOS or Android device.
  • Smart Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling: All vehicle diagnostic and troubles codes are relayed instantly to fleet manager, allowing for timely maintenance and increased driver safety.
  • Dynamic Dispatching: TomTom WEBFLEET identifies the next job’s most suitable driver with workflow monitoring, allowing for accurate travel time planning, route planning and reduced admin time.
  • Logbook: Mileage validation and reporting made simple.
  • OptiDrive 360: See real-time data on driver behaviour, from idling, fuel consumption to gear changes and coasting.

The Benefits of TomTom WEBFLEET

Because WEBFLEET’s software is stored on TomTom’s secure servers, it’s a completely scalable solution, so whatever the size of your fleet, you’ll get a consistent quality of service and functionality.

  • WEBFLEET is an SaaS solution, which means there’s no installation or complex setup and you can access it on any web browser just by logging in.
  • With a set of open APIs and SDKs WEBFLEET can also seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
  • Make real financial savings for your business by cutting fuel costs and lowering insurance premiums.
  • Identify and deal with dangerous and wasteful driving habits like speeding, over revving and braking.
  • Generate powerful reports that can help your business make informed strategic and operational decisions based on accurate information.
  • Identify and deal with vehicle maintenance problems before they become an issue.
  • See your entire fleet’s position, status and ETA all in real-time.

At iTracking we’re committed to you getting the most out of telematics and vehicle tracking technology. As well as helping explain how you set up TomTom’s WEBFLEET, we’ll also take you through all its benefits, as well as how to go about installing the relevant vehicle tracking and telematics technology in your fleet.

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