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TomTom WEBFLEET Review

Posted in: Telematics
Date posted: 25 July 2017

Most known for being at the forefront of navigation and mapping innovation, TomTom is also one of the world’s leading GPS navigation and telematics equipment manufacturers, offering state of the art fleet solutions to companies around the globe. Since opening operations in 1991, TomTom has expanded into over 35 countries worldwide, developing products that push forward the industry standards for fleet management into new paradigms.

WEBFLEET from TomTom is a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that allows fleet management to obtain instant and detailed insights into the operations of the fleet, from any web browser. And now available on applications like WEBFLEET mobile, you can manage your fleet from multiple devices, allowing you easier access than ever before.

With over 45,000 customers & 650,000 subscriptions worldwide, we take a look at the features and specifications of the WEBFLEET software to see if the hype is well earned.



TomTom WEBFLEET Specifications

Intended Users

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Public Administrations, Small Business

Supported Devices

Android native, iOS native, Web-based, Cloud based

Supported Languages

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

Serviced Countries

Over 60 supported countries, strong local support networks

TomTom WEBFLEET Features

WEBFLEET offers one of the widest ranges of sector-specific third party applications and integrations, as well as a multitude of user-friendly features that enable you to improve vehicle performance, save fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency.

  • Web based: TomTom WEBFLEET is web based, so it is updated to the latest version automatically, meaning you get all the benefits of improved functionality and new features as soon as they’re available.
  • Integrated Dashboard: Receive at-a-glance information on up to 18 KPIs across individuals, teams or the entire fleet.
  • Real-Time Maps: Real-time street level maps and traffic info allows you to see the location of every vehicle in your fleet.
  • Reporting Service: From fuel consumption to working time, WEBFLEET offers a suite of detailed and insightful reports.
  • WEBFLEET Mobile: WEBFLEET mobile allows you to access your fleet management information on any iOS or Android device.
  • Smart Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling: All vehicle diagnostic and troubles codes are relayed instantly to the fleet manager, allowing for timely maintenance and increased driver safety.
  • Dynamic Dispatching: TomTom WEBFLEET identifies the next job’s most suitable driver with workflow monitoring, allowing for accurate travel time planning, route planning and reduced admin time.
  • Logbook: Mileage validation and reporting made simple.
  • OptiDrive 360: See real-time data on driver behaviour, from idling, fuel consumption to gear changes and coasting.

Pros & Cons


Real Time Tracking

The TomTom WEBFLEET software will give you the ability to track your vehicles in real-time, whether they are on the move, or parked. A step up from your usual odometer reading software, the TomTom WEBFLEET can give you an impressively accurate reading of your vehicles, meaning that you can completely trust the software’s integrated service reminders. You’ll be able to get a precise mapped location of any vehicle in your fleet, which can aid you with proof of delivery, specific employee tracking and overall fleet management.

Data Monitoring

One of the most exceptional aspects of the WEBFLEET software is the ability to track both the macro and micro data trends of your fleet, and particular vehicles, allowing you to establish distinct data sets to assess and manage your fleet better. This software accurately records the time, to the hour, your vehicles have been out on the road, and the number of hours a driver has actually spent behind the wheel. By recording details such as the exact path your vehicle has taken, with time and speed, as well as how long it stopped and where exactly it went, the TomTom WEBFLEET gives you one of the most accurate pictures of your fleet’s movements.

The data collected, of vehicle movements and locations, can be accessed and replayed instantly for up to 90 days, giving you an instant overview of the utilisation of your resources.

Customisable Notifications

The bigger your fleet becomes, the more difficult tracking and managing them is going to become. By allowing you to set up designated areas, maintenance trigger spots and other pressure points, WEBFLEET can notify you instantly if a vehicle steps outside the parameters you set out. These notifications can let you know when your drivers are on track with appointments, maintain your delivery schedule and focus on delivering a strong consumer experience.



Whilst WEBFLEET gives you three different subscription options, which we’ll get to in a bit, to choose from, the pricing for each isn’t exactly transparent on their website. Whether or not this is a conscious decision, it does stop them from being easily compared to other services. After further research, the prices for the TomTom subscriptions are slightly higher than other similar management solutions, however, for the premium features, the prices are, in our opinion, worth it.

Saturation of Products

Although the wide selection of TomTom products can be an advantage, in the hands of consumers that are looking for a multitude of solutions, it can get a little overwhelming, especially when some of the product features can overlap.

As a counterpoint, the customer service support at TomTom is good enough to guide any future customers to the right solution for you.

Improved Fuel Efficiency and Driver Management

By offering a detailed insight into your driver’s behaviour on the roads, the TomTom WEBFLEET fleet management system can dramatically improve driver behaviour, by allowing you to monitor and adjust driver patterns through tailored feedback and training. Similarly, on a macro level, it allows you to better assess the operational capacity and logistics of your fleet, which can enable you to efficacies your fleet routes and maintenance plans. Providing you with valuable information to cut the costs of your fleet, encourage greener driving and reduce emissions.

Using OptiDrive 360, drivers can access direct feedback and predictive, actionable, advice whilst driving, allowing you to save money and protect your fleet interests. As well as giving you access to a bank of real-time and historical data, providing you with a valuable insight into the fuel consumption, vehicle health and emissions of your fleet – to identify and rectify outliers, and identify advantageous trends.

With OptiDrive 360, you can gain insight into things like:

  • Speeding, with a view into speed limit compliance and speed fluctuation reports
  • Driving behaviour, such as harsh steering and sudden braking reports
  • Idle time and associated fuel waste information
  • An overview of real-time and average fuel consumption
  • Receive advice on speed, calculated from fuel efficiency and speed limit
  • Gear shift advice on vehicle performance


As we mentioned before, TomTom’s WEBFLEET comes in three different subscriptions – Entry Level, Advanced and Expert – with varying levels of features and functions, allowing you to find an option that can fit within the confines of your budget.

The WEBFLEET Lite and Link 200 is offered with the ‘entry level’ solution, providing real-time vehicle tracking, visible tracing, instant alerts and basic trip reports to help you manage your fleet.

The ‘advanced’ level vehicle tracking solution comes with WEBFLEET and integrated Link 410. Offering real-time vehicle tracking, extensive reporting, tracing, and an intuitive interface with a clear and customisable structure, the advanced solution remains user-friendly whilst maximising management features.

The ‘premium’ management solution is Webfleet, with Link 510 and Pro 7250. These tools offer the best in navigation and communication software, from your office direct to your fleet, as well as extensively detailed reporting, real-time tracking, predictive routeing and improved security.

Customer Support

Alongside the extensive customer service structure put in place by TomTom, at iTracking we also offer dedicated support to you and your telematics. If you’d like more information, help with installation, or a demonstration of the features of any of the systems discussed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Give us a call on 0333 2000 670 or email us to arrange your own personal demo and walkthrough.