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A Guide To TomTom Telematics Devices

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 21 July 2016

Founded in 1991 in Holland, TomTom is an international company which started by making personal digital assistants (PDAs) for non-commercial customers and mobile apps for businesses. The famous TomTom Navigator launched in 2002, followed by the TomTom Go in 2004. While still making navigation devices for non-business use, TomTom now also provides a wide range of fleet tracking and telematics products and has recently moved into GPS sports watches. Read more

A Guide to Vehicle Tracking Systems

Posted in: Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 23 February 2016

Commercial vehicle tracking systems may not be the first thing your company thinks about as it begins to expand its fleet of vehicles, but it could well be one of the most important technologies it ever invests in.

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