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The SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA is a versatile, high specification vehicle accident camera that is designed to be permanently wired in place on board your vehicle. In addition to being able to record video and audio, it also captures data on everything from vehicle location to the amount of force that has been exerted when an incident occurs. This additional evidence makes it even simpler for drivers to counter any false allegations made against them by insurance scammers, whilst improving overall vehicle security.

SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA Features

  • Full HD recording: The camera captures picture-perfect 1080p footage that mirrors the driver’s view of the road ahead, complete with a 170° lens that gives a wide angle overview of everything that passes between the vehicle’s front-most pillars.
  • Adjustable frame rate: Set the camera to capture at anywhere between 1 and 30 frames per second, making it suitable for a variety of requirements.
  • Integrated GPS & motion-sensing capabilities: Record the location of a vehicle alongside the video, with a G-sensor even capturing details of the driver’s behaviour on the road, including the way they brake, accelerate and steer.
  • Lockable cover: Further prevent tampering with a transparent case for the camera which can be locked to prohibit unauthorised access.

Benefits of the SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA Vehicle Accident Camera

  • If you want to avoid the camera being unplugged or disabled for any reason, the ability to hardwire this model will be a real advantage over other models.
  • Backup battery on-board: While the camera can draw power from the vehicle’s main battery, it has an internal cell to enable it to continue operating even if the primary power source is disrupted.
  •  The compact, sturdy styling of the SVC1080-LCA is unobtrusive and can be easily added to most vehicles without getting in the way.
  • Software included with this camera lets you transfer footage to a PC or Mac for easy storage and playback, while also providing access to telematics data.

This permanent vehicle accident camera solution from SilentWitness is ideal for businesses that want to equip their fleet with recording capabilities that will address any unfounded allegations made against their mobile workforce. Just call our friendly team on 0333 2000 670 or send us an email for further information on this or any of our other dashboard mounted in-vehicle cameras.

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