SmartWitness Cameras

Who are SmartWitness?

Smart Witness is the UK based division of global CCTV company Y3K and have been making in-vehicle cameras and safety systems for many years, as well as advising and supporting many major insurance companies, brokers, government organisations and trade associations.

With a product range that caters for the commercial and consumer markets, their products incorporate some of the most sophisticated technology available.

Our SmartWitness Camera Range

We have a range of options available, from the affordable but reliable Smart i-Drive system with its 1.5” monitor for Live View Playback through to the incredible Smart Witness KP1 with its huge range of features such as 3G and 4G transmission, dual cameras, Google Map integration and the ability to record the impact force of an accident.

Features of SmartWitness Cameras

All the Smart Witness in vehicle cameras we supply support HD playback at either 720p or 1080p, such as the smart witness svc1080 and smart witness svc1080-lca, and are admissible as evidence in insurance claims or court proceedings helping protect you from issues such as:

  • Cash-for-crash
  • Pre-meditated staged accidents
  • False/exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Conflicting reports of actual events
  • Lack of witnesses
  • Driving offence allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal violations etc.)

SmartWitness SVC1080

SmartWitness SVC1080

Full HD (1080P) Vehicle Accident Camera with 2.4" LCD Monitor for Live View.

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Smart-i Drive

SmartWitness Smart-i Drive

HD (720P) Vehicle Accident Camera with 1.5" LCD Monitor for Live View, Playback and Setup.

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Smart-i Duo

SmartWitness Smart-i Duo

HD (720P) Vehicle Accident Camera with 2" LCD Monitor for Live View.

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SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA

Full HD (1080P) Vehicle Accident Camera with Integrated 3-axis G-Sensor.

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Smartwitness KP1

All In One 3G Transmission Vehicle Accident Camera with Instant 3G Video Transmission.

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Multi Camera Solutions

SmartWitness SVC1080

We sell multi camera solutions – please contact us for more information.

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