iCanProve.IT Cameras

ICanProve.IT is a UK based company and the brainchild of IT consultancy entrepreneur Gavin Urtel, founder of SITOC. With a background in cloud computing, Gavin created the Videmus system to address the needs of fleet managers to get clear information about events leading up to and during a contested road incident.

Through innovative use of the latest technology, and by bringing together expertise from a wide range of backgrounds, ICanProve.IT has developed Videmus: a solution that can be tailored to any needs with just one hub, one communication device per vehicle and high-level easy-to-use remote management. This is a flexible, secure solution that allows you to monitor actual video footage; a future-ready package that allows you to add-on various packages and solutions if and when needed.

Videmus is a 360⁰ HD digital multi-camera solution. But it is not just a camera solution. It integrates with your TomTom Telematics and Webfleet platforms. Joined up fleet technology can reach into every area of your fleet management, increasing your productivity and lowering your running costs.



All of our in-car cameras connect to your onboard, tamper-proof Videmus unit to transmit HD digital video.

  • Up to 16 onboard cameras
  • In-cab and external – giving 360-degree visibility
  • High-definition digital video output
  • Cameras can be visible or covert
  • Secure on-line map-based access
  • Video files to your email inbox
  • E-litigation court-ready secure data platform add-on available
  • Live view add-on available to stream video from individual cameras to your browser

We offer any combination of:

Axis 3905-R

Axis 3905-R

Fixed Dome Camera

Axis 3905-RE

Axis 3905-RE

A ‘ruggedised’ Dome Camera particularly suitable for harsh environments

Axis F44

Axis F44

Camera unit with covert lens sensor units connecting

The Videmus unit

The hub of all your onboard technology, the Videmus unit provides your connectivity.

  • Securely fixed to your vehicle
  • Tamper-proof
  • Mobile technology and connectivity
  • Multiple devices can connect to this one unit
  • Integrates with your existing technology
  • Flexible and adaptable
The Videmus unit
A more efficient fleet Connect to your vehicles as part of your management infrastructure
Lower costs Rapid return on investment; fewer insurance pay-outs
Protect people and assets Emergency response assist; insurance claims management
Visibility of whole fleet Live and historic 360⁰ HD digital video
Fraud protection Litigation-ready data; malpractice prevention; reputation safeguarding
Flexible and tailored Scalable to any fleet or vehicle size; multiple add-ons available

TomTom integration

ICanProve.IT is a TomTom connect partner. Our Videmus offering, whether you choose a camera-only package or any combination of add-ons, can be fully integrated with your TomTom services.

TomTom Connect Partner