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The Benefits of Vehicle Cameras

Posted in: In-Vehicle Cameras
Date posted: 21 December 2016

Whether you are a business looking to improve driver and fleet performance, or a motorist looking for protection in the event of an accident, installing a vehicle camera can be a simple and affordable way to record your road journeys. If you are someone who uses their vehicle often, then it stands to reason that there is more likelihood of an incident. For your protection, there are a range of vehicle cameras on the market. We have created this guide to help you to understand the benefits of vehicle cameras, including those for protecting a fleet of vehicles used in businesses.

Dash cam or speed cam?

Depending on the level of surveillance you would like for your drivers, as opposed to those surrounding them, you may choose a dashboard camera or a CCTV style alternative. The former just films externally and the latter internally too. The more comprehensive an option you choose, the quicker any disputes will be settled, should they occur.

SmartWitness Smart-i Drive

Protect your fleet, protect your business

Companies who run a fleet of vehicles will be able to protect their fleet by equipping them with a dash cam or vehicle cam. Not only can you detect the actions of other drivers but you can also ensure that your own high standards of driving safety are being adhered to. This develops a culture of maintenance for your fleet, which will inspire all drivers to be safe when representing your company.

Your fleet are also protected from incoming incidents, which can occur wherever they are. Particularly if the fleet are prone to driving in highly populated areas. Having this type of equipment on board will mean that any disputes can be settled much faster, since the evidence is all there. You won’t need to waste valuable time dealing with contentious accidents.

Improve driving overall

Despite many people objecting to the ‘Big Brother’ nature of surveillance, the presence of the watchful eye of a security camera does have a positive impact on the way people drive. As dash cams become more popular, there could be a positive impact on the way people drive. If they risk getting caught, they might think twice before doing something that breaches the law.

Knowing that your own vehicle is being monitored may take some getting used to, but this sort of self-governing is actually a really positive thing for drivers. Particularly for drivers working for a fleet, as it encourages people to be mindful of their own behaviour. Many cameras come with an LCD display, which helps to keep driving in check by showing people what their speed is in comparison to the limit on the road.

SmartWitness SVC1080-LCA

Reduce induced accident scams

Unfortunately, the UK has become a hotbed for a new type of illegal scam known as both the ‘Cash for Crash’ scam or induced accidents. These occur when people purposely break suddenly, forcing the person behind them to drive into them. According to the law, it is always the liability of the car who drives into the other one, which means the scammer can then claim insurance for the ‘accident’. Installing a vehicle camera means protecting yourself from this even happening. You will have all the evidence of any incidents that occur, whether accidentally or intentionally.

This type of scam has become increasingly popular, contributing to an increase in insurance premiums for all drivers. So by installing a camera, you will help to keep this at bay, as well as potentially protecting other drivers from this insidious situation.

Lower insurance

One of the factors putting people off purchasing a vehicle camera is the associated costs, and whilst this can be a bit of an outlay, there is no price for peace of mind. One thing you will make a financial saving saving on is car or fleet insurance. Since vehicles protected by this software are a lower risk, the insurance prices are around 10-15% cheaper. Over time, the technology will pay for itself!


Improve accuracy

If your fleet involves delivery or timing of some kind, such as taxis, courier or delivery services, then the in-built GPS tracking that comes as a standard feature on many dash cams will help you to be able to deliver improved accuracy on timings. This will notably improve customer satisfaction, whilst opening dialogue with drivers. Integrated with GPRS and mobile data, these not only update driver locations but they also provide speed camera awareness.