In Vehicle Cameras

What are In-Vehicle Cameras?

In-vehicle cameras are small forward facing dashboard or windscreen mounted devices that record footage of the road ahead whilst you are driving, capturing any accidents or incidents on camera. All of this is stored to the cameras onboard solid state storage. When your in-vehicle camera has run out of storage it automatically begins overwriting the old footage. In fact, the only reason you’ll ever have to access the device is if you want to download recent footage.

In-vehicle cameras come in many shapes and sizes and can include any number of features including image stabilisation, LCD display, wide camera viewing angles, SD card recording, full 1080p HD playback, dual passenger and road facing cameras, as well as GPS and full Google Maps, Earth and Streetview integration. More advanced systems like the SmartWitness KP1 also include dual road and driver facing cameras, full 3G or 4G transmission and track driving style.

What are the benefits of In-Vehicle Cameras?

Fitting a Smart Witness in-vehicle camera is akin to having an ever vigilant and 100% reliable witness in your car at all time. The benefits of this haven’t been lost on the insurance industry. The ability to record HD quality footage of the road led to 29 of the UK’s major car insurance companies announcing in 2015 their willingness to allow them as potential evidence in the event of a claim.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

With so-called ‘cash for crash’ fraud costing the insurance industry £1bn a year, the reliability of in-vehicle cameras is helping identify these pre-meditated insurance scams, deter would-be fraudsters and even speed up the processing of claims. This has led some insurers to offer discounts off their insurance premiums to drivers’ installing in-vehicle cameras, with others looking likely to follow.

Who uses In-Vehicle Cameras?

In-vehicle cameras such as the smart witness svc1080 are hugely popular in the commercial sector, with companies operating large fleets of vehicles using them alongside telematics and vehicle tracking systems to push down insurance costs, track and monitor driver behaviour and settle disputes.

Commercial & Consumer Users

But it’s not just businesses that are reaping the benefits from in-vehicle cameras. With sales up ten times in 2015, it seems that consumers are waking up to the benefits of in-vehicle cameras, with this trend showing no sign of slowing. The devices have proved especially popular with younger drivers who typically pay higher premiums.

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