Fleet Management Systems

If you run a business that relies on vehicles, chances are the success of your business relies entirely on how well you manage your fleet. From large scale haulage companies to local taxi ranks, fleet management systems ensure that you can accurately manage timings, improve customer relations and better estimate delivery times.

Managing a fleet, whether it’s comprised of 5 vehicles or 25 can become an Everest of a task, especially when you haven’t got the proper processes in place in order to collect sufficient data on your vehicles, and their drivers. And managing your fleet blind can lead to operational issues such as late deliveries, inefficient routes and ultimately, financial losses.

So, how do you ensure your fleet is effectively managed?

Recent advances in GPS, mobile and telematics technology over the last decade have drastically improved the way we monitor our fleets. Recognising that transport is a major factor in a majority of businesses, serious investment has been input into the development of a number of vehicle tracking systems and fleet management software. Making it easier than ever to run a business reliant on vehicles more effectively and efficiently.

Fleet Management Systems

What Are Fleet Management Systems?

Essentially, a fleet management system is a specialised GPS tracker that enables collect, and later analyse, essential statistical data from individual vehicles across your fleet.

Each vehicle has a number of tachograph sensors and a tracking device that relays data to a central hub, which can be accessed from your computer, mobile or tablet. Allowing you to monitor the progress of your fleet from wherever you are.

Fleet management systems come in all shapes and sizes. There are simple off-the-shelf systems which will suit many businesses through to more bespoke fleet tracking options to cater for specific needs. Whether your organisation uses hundreds of vehicles or just a couple of vans, there are options to suit all sizes and budgets.

The global leader in fleet management system technology, TomTom, links its scalable fleet management devices, from the LINK 410 for SME’s to the TomTom PRO 2020 for larger fleets, with its WEBFLEET management software.

What Does A Good Fleet Management System Look Like?

Finding the right fleet management system for your company will vary from business to business, depending on factors such as the number of vehicles and where you operate. However, as a rule of thumb, you will need a tracking device on each vehicle and a server or control centre which is overseen centrally to monitor the location and progress of the fleet. Some fleet management companies will operate the control centre on your behalf and feed the data and analysis back regularly to help with longer-term decisions and planning.

Depending on your business, fleet management can have a multitude of benefits, including allowing you to gain a better understanding in terms of how long it takes to travel between locations; making informed decisions that improve efficiency such as changing the time you choose to promise to deliver items so that your drivers can avoid a particular hot spot at its busiest time; and managing the expectations of customers more accurately.

The Benefits of a Fleet Management System

The cost of purchasing, fuelling and maintaining your vehicles is always going to be a large part of managing a fleet of any size, but with a fleet management system, you can reduce your spend alongside benefiting from a number of other advantages.

Knowing how your fleet operates can save you money. A fleet management system will allow you to monitor carbon emissions, fuel consumption and how well your vehicles are performing. Notifying you if they need to be serviced or need maintenance work, ensuring the safety of your staff and minimising the risk of vehicle downtime and scrapped jobs. You can also monitor fuel consumption and engine performance, this may help you choose which vehicles to continue using and which to trade in for more efficient performance.

But that’s not all.

Driver safety is improved. Fleet managers can identify the shortest or quickest routes to a destination and monitor changes to the traffic conditions. This means that drivers can take the breaks they need and, where possible, avoid spending hours stuck in congestion. You can also protect your company by monitoring your driver’s behaviour on the roads, whether they’re costing you valuable money by idling their vehicles or risking your reputation through speeding.

Speaking of speed, fuel consumption is often more efficient at lower speeds. Analysing the data from your fleet management system will allow you and your drivers to calculate the optimum speed to be both on time and use less fuel, thereby saving more money and allowing your business to be more environmentally friendly.

Having a proven record of data on your vehicles may also help lower your insurance premiums, displaying a legitimate and comprehensive log of your driver’s behaviour on the roads.

Moreover, and most importantly, with a fleet management system, you can offer your customers better service than ever before.

If a member of your team has been delayed because of traffic or due to the previous job, you can contact the customer and offer a more realistic arrival time, as the tracking devices will be up to date with traffic flow and any changes. Plus, the intelligent routing, safer driving and higher accountability mean your cargo will not only travel safely but arrive safely too.

At iTracking, we’ve helped fleets, from the local to the multinational, across the United Kingdom to find a fleet management system that is right for them.

We’ve been in the fleet management industry for over a decade, and know it like the back of our hand. Our trained team of specialists are always available to help you understand which products best suit your needs and can provide a written specification showing your solution, how much it will cost and any useful extras.

With iTracking, it really couldn’t be simpler.

Call us on 0333 2000 670 and we’ll arrange a demo to show you how TomTom Telematics Solutions – Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking can work for you and your fleet.

Professional navigation

TomTom devices are the perfect choice for professional navigation, helping drivers to travel from one customer to the next safely, reliably and in the best possible time.

  • Best maps
  • IQ Routes®
  • HD Traffic®
  • Award winning navigation

Traffic avoidance

WORKsmart™ – Traffic combines sophisticated navigation devices with innovative technologies to help your drivers find the smartest and most fuel-efficient route around the traffic, every time.

  • IQ Routes®
  • HD Traffic®
  • Smart dispatch with live traffic information

Vehicle tracking

WORKsmart™ – Track vehicle management and tracking solutions show you how and when your vehicles are used so you can optimise processes and improve your efficiency.

Report on historic vehicle movement and adjust your planning instantly based on real-time positioning. Be on top of your business with WORKsmart™ – Track, a solution that includes vehicle tracking, vehicle tracing and driving behaviour analysis.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle tracing
  • Greener driving
  • Broad reporting

Job dispatch

Impress customers with your reliable and efficient operation using the smart order dispatch processes and practices made possible by TomTom WORKsmart™-Job.

  • Dynamic workflow
  • Efficient communications
  • Increased productivity

Time management

Take control of your mobile workforce in the field using WORKsmart™-Time to record the working hours and driving time of individuals and groups.

  • Working time
  • Driving time
  • Tachograph support

Driver safety

WORKsmart™-Safety enables you to promote a safer driving style across the fleet, with direct support for drivers in their vehicles, and sophisticated tools for driving-style management in TomTom WEBFLEET®.

  • Help drivers relax
  • Promote safer driving
  • Manage driving time
  • Improve maintenance scheduling

Environmental responsibility

There are many good reasons to adopt a green driving style. With WORKsmart™-Eco you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint while cutting costs across the business.

  • Eco friendly
  • Optimised vehicle usage
  • Socially responsible

Management reporting

While the workforce travels, WORKsmart™-Insight gives you the real-time information you need to retain control, so you can manage costs, improve services and raise productivity.

  • Visual overview
  • Extensive reporting
  • Data integration


WORKsmart™- Connect integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and software to give you all the benefits of a totally connected fleet and workforce management solution.