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The Evolution of Telematics and the Connected Car

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Date posted: 27 June 2017

The connected car is here and it’s certainly here to stay. With rapid advancements in telematics technology and mobile internet speeds, the stage is set for internet-connected vehicles to begin merging and integrating with telematics tech on an elemental level. It’s clear that the market landscape is already altering significantly for both private drivers and commercial fleet-based businesses, but experts agree that many of the biggest changes may be yet to come.

With the evolution of telematics technology and the connected car converging rapidly, a new groundwork is being laid for an exciting new world of automated travel and fleet management. Read more

How 3G Dashboard Cameras Can Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

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Date posted: 28 February 2017

Newly developed technologies have, and are, progressively streamlining the way businesses work. From accounting software to computer networking and mobile technology, over the last decade, the ease and efficiency with which we run our businesses have been extraordinarily improved.

For fleet management, alongside automotive telematics and vehicle tracking systems, one of the most significant pieces of technology to have been introduced and adopted by the industry, are vehicle cameras.

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The Benefits of Vehicle Cameras

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Date posted: 21 December 2016

Whether you are a business looking to improve driver and fleet performance, or a motorist looking for protection in the event of an accident, installing a vehicle camera can be a simple and affordable way to record your road journeys. If you are someone who uses their vehicle often, then it stands to reason that there is more likelihood of an incident. For your protection, there are a range of vehicle cameras on the market. We have created this guide to help you to understand the benefits of vehicle cameras, including those for protecting a fleet of vehicles used in businesses. Read more

Vehicle Tracking Policy and the Law

Posted in: Fleet Management System, In-Vehicle Camera, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 23 November 2016

When used effectively, vehicle tracking can enhance business performance, reduce costs associated with insurance and fuel and improve staff confidence. However, it may at first have negative connotations with your staff. Some drivers may associate vehicle tracking with a lack of trust, leaving them feeling under suspicion and defensive. Read more

London’s New Ultra Low Emissions Zones and What it Means for Fleet Managers

Posted in: Fleet Management System, In-Vehicle Camera, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 12 October 2016

Following the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London back in May, London is due to get a new ‘ultra-low emissions zone’ (or ULEZ) by September 2020. Now that the clock is ticking on what is likely to be a costly new set of charges for many of London’s millions of drivers, it is well worth looking at what this is likely to mean – and what you should do to prepare. Read more

Changing Driver Behaviour With In-Vehicle Cameras And Black Boxes

Posted in: In-Vehicle Camera, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 14 June 2016

If you have suffered from a crash or other accident that has either left you out of work or with an insurance dispute to settle, then the future is being paved for you by a range of technologies. Read more

A Smart Witness: How Vehicle Accident Cameras are Catching Dangerous Drivers and Fraudsters

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Date posted: 8 March 2016

Technology has been changing the way we drive since the invention of the combustion engine. From better braking systems to airbag technology a lot of technological advancements in the last few decades have been about keeping us safe. Read more