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The Benefits of Vehicle Cameras

Posted in: In-Vehicle Cameras
Date posted: 21 December 2016

Whether you are a business looking to improve driver and fleet performance, or a motorist looking for protection in the event of an accident, installing a vehicle camera can be a simple and affordable way to record your road journeys. If you are someone who uses their vehicle often, then it stands to reason that there is more likelihood of an incident. For your protection, there are a range of vehicle cameras on the market. We have created this guide to help you to understand the benefits of vehicle cameras, including those for protecting a fleet of vehicles used in businesses. Read more

Vehicle Tracking Policy and the Law

Posted in: Fleet Management System, In-Vehicle Cameras, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 23 November 2016

When used effectively, vehicle tracking can enhance business performance, reduce costs associated with insurance and fuel and improve staff confidence. However, it may at first have negative connotations with your staff. Some drivers may associate vehicle tracking with a lack of trust, leaving them feeling under suspicion and defensive. Read more

Choosing the right Fleet Management System for your Industry

Posted in: Fleet Management System
Date posted: 16 November 2016

Choosing the correct fleet management system can be a very difficult decision when there are so many different aspects to consider. You may have hundreds of questions buzzing around your head about how fleet management systems can benefit you, the differences between systems and which one is most appropriate for your business.

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6 Things Fleet Managers Need to Know in 2017

Posted in: Fleet Management System
Date posted: 3 November 2016

The fleet management industry is changing all the time and new innovations, trends and features come onto the market regularly. It is a competitive industry and it can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve.

With all the car technology like vehicle tracking and in-vehicle cameras available nowadays, the way you work is changing all the time and successful businesses and leaders are those that can keep up with the fast pace of change.

So, what changes are on the horizon for the 12 months ahead? Knowing the technology that will be launched in the next year will help you plan ahead and make sure your business is ready for the change.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the top 6 things all fleet managers need to know in 2017 and explained how they will affect the industry, as well as giving you the edge over the competition. Read more

London’s New Ultra Low Emissions Zones and What it Means for Fleet Managers

Posted in: Fleet Management System, In-Vehicle Cameras, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 12 October 2016

Following the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London back in May, London is due to get a new ‘ultra-low emissions zone’ (or ULEZ) by September 2020. Now that the clock is ticking on what is likely to be a costly new set of charges for many of London’s millions of drivers, it is well worth looking at what this is likely to mean – and what you should do to prepare. Read more

The Impact of Driverless Cars on Fleet Management

Posted in: Fleet Management System
Date posted: 28 September 2016

With the subject of driverless cars making headlines across the globe right now, are we really on the verge of making them a reality on the road?

According to some experts, UK drivers could be taking a permanent backseat by as early as 2020, and across the pond earlier in the week, the US government threw its full weight behind the idea of implementing driverless cars.

So, what do we know about driverless cars so far? And more importantly, what will the impact of driverless and self-driving technology on fleet managers?

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The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Management Systems

Posted in: Fleet Management System
Date posted: 2 September 2016

New technologies have had a huge impact on all kinds of business and introduced different ways of working, from how we pay for goods with contactless payments to apps designed to order taxis. Read more

A Guide To TomTom Telematics Devices

Posted in: Fleet Management System, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 21 July 2016

Founded in 1991 in Holland, TomTom is an international company which started by making personal digital assistants (PDAs) for non-commercial customers and mobile apps for businesses. The famous TomTom Navigator launched in 2002, followed by the TomTom Go in 2004. While still making navigation devices for non-business use, TomTom now also provides a wide range of fleet tracking and telematics products and has recently moved into GPS sports watches. Read more

Changing Driver Behaviour With In-Vehicle Cameras And Black Boxes

Posted in: In-Vehicle Cameras, Vehicle Tracking Systems
Date posted: 14 June 2016

If you have suffered from a crash or other accident that has either left you out of work or with an insurance dispute to settle, then the future is being paved for you by a range of technologies. Read more

Business Benefits From Fleet Management Systems

Posted in: Fleet Management System
Date posted: 27 May 2016

Technology makes it easy to run a business reliant on vehicles more effectively and efficiently, whether it is a courier service, a haulage company, a taxi business or a fleet of cars for your team to get to meetings. Transport is a major factor in most businesses and using one of the various vehicle tracking systems on the market can bring many benefits. Read more