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How to Create a Successful Fleet Driver Training Strategy

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems
Date posted: 21 December 2017

Being on the road for hours at a time brings with it a number of safety risks for both drivers and the public.

Consider these numbers:

Apart from putting lives at risk, speeding also impacts a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The Department of Transport says driving at 80mph eats up 25% more fuel, which, when it accumulates, negatively affects a company’s bottom-line.

While it’s tempting for drivers to speed up for faster delivery, you need to help them understand that the risks of speeding far outweigh the time they would save.

This is where a personalised fleet driver training comes in. And with the help of technology, you get the added benefit of using telematics data in optimising your fleets logistics. Read more

The Road Ahead: The Fleet Trends of 2018

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems
Date posted: 21 December 2017

The fleet industry is on the cusp of several big technological advancements that are set to shake up the industry over the next few years.

With 2017 drawing to a close, the successes and failures that marked the year are not the only facets you should consider when planning for the future of your fleet.

By analysing the upcoming fleet trends for the next year, you’ll be able to better anticipate the opportunities and challenges that can help you position your business better in 2018. Read more