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The Best Sat Navs for Truckers (And Why Your Fleet Needs Them)

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems, Telematics
Date posted: 25 September 2017

By the start of 2017, one bridge in Leicestershire was hit by lorry trucks 11 times in 12 months, according to Network Rail.

This is far from an isolated incident, as the group documented 1,606 underline bridge strikes and 136 overline bridge strikes by the end of 2015/16 financial year.

Given these numbers, the Local Government Association called for a ban on lorry drivers from using car Sat Navs, and instead use GPS systems suitable for HGVs.

While it is now a challenge to imagine, a few decades ago, Sat Nav units were of science fiction territory. In-car navigation systems were not considered a necessary addition to vehicles in the same way as airbags or radios were.

However, the growing need for a more accurate navigation system, especially for truck and HGV fleets, paved the way for further development of Sat Navs. Read more