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The Impact of Driverless Cars on Fleet Management

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems
Date posted: 28 September 2016

With the subject of driverless cars making headlines across the globe right now, are we really on the verge of making them a reality on the road?

According to some experts, UK drivers could be taking a permanent backseat by as early as 2020, and across the pond earlier in the week, the US government threw its full weight behind the idea of implementing driverless cars.

So, what do we know about driverless cars so far? And more importantly, what will the impact of driverless and self-driving technology on fleet managers?

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The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Management Systems

Posted in: Fleet Management Systems
Date posted: 2 September 2016

New technologies have had a huge impact on all kinds of business and introduced different ways of working, from how we pay for goods with contactless payments to apps designed to order taxis. Read more